Students seeking specific and documented medical or disability accommodations must turn in specific and appropriate documentation to MAGU’s Registrar’s Office. The Student are given housing on First-come-first to be served basis and they are to pay for them accordingly.

Room and Board (See Residence below) Students who intend to stay on campus during the term and take their meals from the MAGU’S kitchen facilities will need to inform business personnel on the day of registration in order for fees to be assessed. Rooms for lodging include bedding and a desk for study (lodging does not include towels or toiletries). For the undergraduate, the student is expected to come with linen; however, the graduate section provides clean linens which are made available weekly. Laundry service for students’ clothes is not provided.


Both the Cafeterias(Undergraduate and Graduate) are operated by Private vendors who aim to serve three meals a day to students, faculty members, and administration staff who are prepared to pay for it. It is required for students wanting to eat in the cafeteria to pre-pay for all meals that they will need during the academic term.

Students are not allowed to approach kitchen staff in order to request special meals to be prepared according to their preference. Only meals planned by the Cafeteria administration will be prepared and served to the students, faculty, and administration staff.