Program Description

Bachelor of Accountancy is a completion degree for Chartered Accountants. This degree program is designed for chartered accountant who desire to have an accounting academic qualification. Like all MAGU programs, students will be required to conduct a research as part of the assessment. Student will not be required to complete Work Placement unless in cases where they do not have the required work experience.

Program Aim

This program acknowledges that the Chartered and Certified accountants have the accounting knowledge to function in the business world. This program aims to equip the students with additional academic knowledge that will complement their tactical accounting knowledge.

Program Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate awareness of the economic issues.
  2. Demonstrate awareness of between personal development and Organisational goals.
  3. Identify structural and leadership issues associated with projects.
  4. Demonstrate awareness of the key differences between cooperatives (either for profit or non-profit) and conventional for profit companies, non-profit organisations.
  5. Research issues to support critical assessment of accounting information

Program Duration

1½ Years

Mode of Delivery

Blended learning (also known as hybrid learning) whereby traditional classroom teaching is will be combined with online learning (digital library) and independent study, allowing the student to have more control over the time, pace and style of their learning. This can come in form of Evening/Weekend and ODL since most of our targeted groups will be employees in financial service sectors.

Program Eligibility

To qualify for this degree program, students will be required to be Chartered or Certified accountants of ACCA, ICAM or CIMA, Affiliates with at least one year of relevant work experience also qualify and those with similar relevant qualifications

Summary of Programs Route Maps.

Qualification Type

Duration of Qualification


(1½ Years)

No of Courses No of Credits
MDC Courses 02 04
Commerce Common Courses 11 33
Research 02 09
Total Courses 15 46
39 – 42

 Detailed Programs Route Maps.

Serial No. Code Course Units
1. ACC 4023 Organizational Leadership
2. CCC 3023 Entrepreneurship
3. CCC 2043 Fundamentals of Microeconomics
4. CCC 2113 Project Management
5. CCC 2083 Supply Chain Management
6. CCC 1083 Fundamentals of cooperative management
7 MDC 3023 Pentecost: Personal & community Empowerment
1. ADM 4073 Managerial Economics
2. CCC 2103 Fundamentals of Marketing
3. CCC 2063 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics
4. CCC 3053 Personal Development of a Strategic leader.
5. ACC 4033 Logistics Management
6 MDC 4013 Foundation for Professional Excellence
7 COM 3013 Research Methods
1 THS 2016 Thesis writing.