Program Description: This programme equips students with theory and practice in early childhood. Bachelor of Early Childhood development offered by MAGU is a four –year course that is aimed at preparing students for careers in management of ECD programs, Trainers on ECD programmes, entrepreneurs in ECD and engage in research and development.

Program Aim:

The aim of this program is to equip the undergraduate students to deal with complex issues in child development and management in the national and international competitive business environment.

People who will be trained in this programme may become

  • ECD program managers
  • ECD trainers
  • ECD researchers
  • ECD entrepreneurs

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the philosophies of ECD which are to the interest of the child
  • Exhibit skills in ECD professional practices.
  • Analyze current research in ECD issues and its contributions to new knowledge and skills in handling children.
  • Develop specific skills for their vocation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills on handling children and ensuring that their interests are nurtured.
  • Display an understanding of children behaviour, how to manage them effectively, and teaching methodologies associated with children.
  • Develop competency to express a Christian worldview, to enable further inquiry for personal enrichment, and to address specific vocational issues.
  • Demonstrate growth in spiritual disciplines and devotional practices as they contribute to the transformation of their communities.


Qualification type/duration of qualification Degree(4 years)
  No of courses No of credits
MDC courses 10   20
Education common courses   2   06
Concentration courses 35 105
Research 02   09
Internship 01   08
Total courses 48 148


  Type of course No. of courses
1st year 1st Semester MDC courses 2
  Education common courses 2
  Concentration courses 3
  Total 7
1st year 2nd semester MDC courses 2
Concentration courses 5
Total 7
2nd year    1st  semester MDC courses 2
Concentration courses 5
Total 7
2nd year 2nd Semester MDC courses 1
Concentration courses 6
Total 7
3rd year 1st semester MDC courses 1
Concentration courses 5
Total 6
3rd year 2nd MDC courses 1
Concentration courses 5
Total 6
4th year 1st semester Research 1
Internship 1
Total 2
4th year 2nd semester MDC courses 1
Concentration courses 5


  Year 1 Semester One
  Code Course units
1. COM 1013 Communication skills
2. COM 1033 Fundamentals of information systems
3. MDC1013 Church and culture
4. MDC1023 Old Testaments
5. ECD 1013 Introduction to early childhood development
6. ECD 1023 The History of Early Childhood development
7. ECD 1033 Child care, growth  and development
Year 1 Semester two
1 MDC1033 Essentials of Christianity
2 MDC 1043 Introduction to Anthropology
3 ECD1043:


Child Health and Wellbeing
4 ECD 1053



Nutritional care and development
5 ECD 1063 Child and adolescent psychology
6 ECD 1073 learning through play
7 ECD 1083  Assessment of Children’s  developmental milestones
Year 2 Semester 1
1. MDC2023 Christian world views
2. MDC2013 Human Development and Relationships
3 ECD 2013 Child rights and protection
4 ECD 2023 Literacy and language development for children
5 ECD 2033 Numeracy for young children
6 ECD 2043 Care and development for children with special needs
7 ECD 2053 Physical education and creative arts for children
Year 2 Semester 2
1. MDC2033 New testament Literature
2 ECD2063 Curriculum in early childhood development
3 ECD 2073 Development of children and teaching strategies
4 ECD 2083 Transition programmes in early childhood education
4. ECD 2093 Parenting and early childhood development
5. ECD 2113 Administration and management of programmes for children
6. ECD2123 Adult supervision and leadership in early childhood settings
7. ECD 3016 Project and proposal writing
Year 3 Semester 1
1 MDC3013 Effective Public Communication
2 ECD3013 Monitoring and Evaluation of programmes for ECD
3 COD 3013 Sociology and the community
4 ECD3023 Environmental studies
5 ECD 3033 Research in Early Childhood development
6 ECD 3043 Community mobilization and Development
Year 3 Semester 2
1 MDC3023 Pentecost: Personal and community Empowerment
2 ECD 3053: Community Economic Development: Local and International
3 ECD 3063  Social psychology
4 ECD 3073 Gender studies and Early Childhood Education
5 ECD 3083  Family Studies and Early Childhood development
6 ECD 3093 Resource mobilization and  management in Early childhood programmes
Year 4 Semester 1
1 INT4018 Internship
2 THS4016 Thesis Writing
Year 4 Semester 2
1 MDC4013 Foundation of professional Excellence
2 ECD 4013 Human Resource and Development
3 ECD 4023 HIV Aids Management in Early Childhood programmes
4 ECD 4033 Advocacy in Early Childhood programmes
5 ECD 4043 Guidance and counselling in Early Childhood programmes
6 ECD 4053 Contemporary issues in Early Childhood Development

Mode of delivery

Regular classes, weekend/evening and ODL model