Format of Assessments

In most of its undergraduate courses, unless otherwise stated, MAGU follows a ratio of 60% in Continuous Assessment and 40% in Final Examinations. The following are the categories from which the assessments are derived.

  1. Course Quizzes
    The quizzes should be something the students do within a class period. It can either be

    • A Short exam paper with not more than 20 simple questions of Multiple and True and False Questions; or
    • Class presentations on various topics addressed in the course

    Each course should have at least four quizzes whose maximum value is 10% of the Students total grade.

  2. Short Papers Assessments
    The class papers shall be either a short research or reflection paper summarizing Unit study periods in the course. Each class paper shall have specific written instructions for the student delineating what is expected. Every paper shall be type-written following MAGU Format and Style Guidelines. Facilitators are encouraged to demand an inclusion of specific number of references to every short paper assessment Each course should have at least four short assignments whose maximum value is 10% of the Students total grade.
  3. Semester-Long Project Papers
    A Project paper attempts to evaluate the Students level of understanding of the course content and their ability to apply its principles in real life experiences. Every course will terminate with a semester long practicum paper of between 10-15 pages (4000-5000 words). MAGU requires all students, once course work is completed, to write a final research/reflection project. No student will be allowed to sit for the final semester examinations if they have not handed in the Project paper. The maximum grade of the Semester-long Project Paper is 20% of the Student’s total grade.
  4. Mid & Final Semester Examinations
    Every form of Student assessment must have the university quality and adhere to standards on ethics, confidentiality and objectivity. Both forms of examinations—mid and final semester examinations—shall include the following forms of questions:

    • Multiple Choice Questions
    • True and False alternatives
    • Short Answer Questions
    • Essay Questions

    As a matter of practice, the mid-term exam shall be not less than 50 Questions while the Final exam shall be not less than 100 questions.

    Evaluation of the Assessment Tools
    The head of department shall initiate the evaluation of the Mid & Final Examination processes. This will include both before the students sit for the examination and after the grading but before publishing the results. MAGU Senate will always evaluate the results before they are published.

  5. Teaching Practice and Thesis
    Every student, in their fourth year is required to write a research based project and actualize a teaching practice program monitored by a supervisor.

Lesson Delivery: General

Although there are specific courses that demands special lesson delivery and outcomes such as placements, teaching practice, thesis etc, the majority of the courses in the University follow the following process of delivery:

  • Each Student will be required to review the Lesson manual provided for this Course.
  • Students will do Class Presentations especially at the end of each Unit of Study
  • Quizzes and Small paper Discussions are given periodically as outlined in the Assessment Section of this Syllabus.
  • Often, smaller activities are assigned in any given week; these activities are designed to help you further understand the concepts or applications being taught. You are expected to complete these activities as you progress through the related lesson materials.

Unless otherwise stated in the Syllabus, lesson activities though many times graded do not affect your final grade. However, your completion of these activities may.