Academic and special fees are paid to Malawi Assemblies of God University finance office at the time the student applies for admission to the University programs, enrolls in a course, extends an enrollment in a course, resubmits work for grading, or receives a service that requires a fee. You should contact the enrollment office for a current tuition and fee schedule. Approved graduate applicant and student fees include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Application fee (full admission). A one-time nonrefundable fee for processing the student application packet and providing a program evaluation for the respective degree program (MWK5000 for Undergraduate and MWK10, 000 for graduate level).
  • Application fee (special student). A one-time nonrefundable fee for processing the application for special student admission (MWK10, 000)
  • Application fee (from special student to full admission). A one-time nonrefundable fee for processing the application packet for full admission for a student who was previously granted special student admission (MWK5000)
  • Reactivation fee (inactive student to active status). A nonrefundable fee for processing the reinstatement of an inactive student to active status at the same level of studies (MWK7500).
  • Prerequisite waiver exam fee. Required when a provisionally accepted student requests to take a proctored proficiency exam to waive a part of undergraduate prerequisite requirements for Bible and theology (MWK7500).
  • Required for enrollment in a course and based on the number of credits assigned to the course (Check with the Administration office).
  • Registration fee. Required fee during each registration during a term (MWK5000).
  • Course materials. Includes university study guides and textbooks that are required for a course and varies depending on prices for individual items (Check with the head of each faculty) Computer lab access fee. The required fee that gives the student access to use the computer lab for writing academic papers during a term as well as access to electronic library resources (MWK10, 000)
  • Room board fees. Lodging and meal expenses for students staying on site during their post-graduate studies (Check with the administration).
  • Enrollment extension fee. Required when an extension beyond the normal enrollment period is requested for completion of a course ((MWK 5000)).
  • Program evaluation fee. Required when a student requests a program evaluation (MWK 2000) Program extension fee. Required when a student requests a program extension (MWK 10, 000).
  • Extra mentoring time fee. May be required if mentoring time becomes excessive for a course (MWK 10, 000).
  • Change of program fee. Required each time a student changes from one program to another after being matriculated into a degree program (MWK 10, 000).
  • Thesis Graduation costs. Required from each student prior to receiving a degree after all other requirements for a degree program have been met. This fee includes the fee for submitting a theses evaluation, the purchase of a gown, cap, and hood, or rent and includes the graduation banquet expense for each student. (USD $300 for undergraduate and $500 for Graduate).
  • Capstone/Thesis extension fee. Required when a student requests to extend the time limit for submitting a capstone paper/thesis for a master of arts degree program or a theology of ministry paper for a master of divinity degree program (MWK 30, 000 ).
  • Exam retake/assignment resubmission fee. May be required each time a student requests to retake a proctored exam or submits revised work for grading when an assignment has previously been deemed by the mentor to be below an acceptable level. Exams relate to courses such as Greek I & II and Greek Exegesis courses, and other courses requiring examinations (MWK 10, 000).

Student Safety

The safety and security of students and of the campus is a priority of MAGU. The MAGU Security Services is on duty 24 hours a day to help keep you and your property safe. However, as with anywhere, individuals must take reasonable steps to help maintain the overall safety and security ofthemselves and their property. The MAGU Security Services can be reached anytime

MAGU Police Department

The Malawi Assemblies of God University Security Services (MAGUSS) is a certified contractedenforcement agency that operates 24 hours per day. The MAGUSS employs licensed Officers havefull police powers and jurisdiction on all MAGU owned properties. Within this designated area,MAGUSS officers are authorized by MAGU to enforce discipline at the campus.

Medical Insurance

Students participating in intramural sports and other university activities do so at their own risk. The university is not liable for accidents incurred during these activities and does not provide insurance covering student medical care or treatment. A student may elect to purchase medical insurance through an outside provider. However, with the Medical fee the student pays, the University will take the student to a government or a private hospital of their choice and will pay the bill up to $50.00 per semester. However, beyond this it should be the responsibility of the Student