MAGU’s Research Agenda is to participate in creating and championing positive, significant and health social-humanitarian transformation. A research agenda is a driving force in operationalizing any research function. It is a visionary philosophy of research with an orientation in the identification of research goals and engagement of significant persons for the research process.

Research agendas, especially for institutions such as universities do change; they are never set in concrete and therefore, they change from time to time. MAGU’s Research Agenda (2018 and beyond) is founded and framed on its mandate of becoming a center and a community of social-humanitarian transformation forged through critical human leadership with focused social, public and shared impact. Although research by implication uncovers new knowledge, however, MAGU’s research agenda advocates that the pursuit of knowledge should not be an end in itself but it should lead to a process of creative innovation that responds to needs of the society.

The Research Policy and other related Policies establishes procedural guidelines in the processes, activities and results of research at MAGU.