Student Testimonial

My Vision in Life has always been to “To WORSHIP God and SERVE his Creation in LOVE by inspiring,motivating,edifying,empowering and building leaders through the wisdom,knowledge and understanding of CHRIST JESUS acquired from the WORD of God, my reflected experiences and the reflected experiences of others through the power of the Holy Spirit.” Studying the Master of Arts In Community Psychology with MAGU has given me the opportunity to take a big step towards my journey in achieving this vision. The program is equipping me to become a better leader so that I can make a lasting impact on my nation Malawi and the World. The teaching staff is experienced, the resources; including library, accommodation and lodging are phenomenal and the student life is great.

Theology Faculty

Dean: Rev. Dr. L. Chipao


Phone:  (+265) 999 355 083

Graduate Programs (2 Years)

  • MA. Christian Leadership
  • MA. Community Psychology
  • MA. Intercultural Studies

MA. program takes about eighteen months class work taken into four consecutive-one month residencies: February, June and November.