Peter Jolly, Student

My name is Peter Jolly, a student, doing a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology. 

After a long search for a better and outstanding institution of higher learning of my choice, I finally landed myself at Malawi Assemblies of God University (MAGU). MAGU with its leading vision “Developing Leaders and Changing the World” is indeed the place that I was dreaming for. 

With the courses that I have gone through at MAGU, I have been intellectually uplifted and challenged to aim for more knowledge. In addition to this, as a Pastor being at MAGU, my life has completely changed as I have a different and better perception of the work of God. The study and stay at this university has transformed and developed my divine call to another greater dimension, from day one till now. My life has been changing, transforming, and equipped with a lot of new insights in as far as Spiritual and physical experiences are concerned. I don’t regret having joined an institution of this rare caliber.

In the next three years, I see MAGU developing faithful Church Ministers; and contributing to the development of this country in different dimensions of life such as government and private sector. I see the institution producing wise, just, honest and people with distinguished integrity governing different sectors of life.

Faculty of Theology & Ministerial Formation

Dean: Rev. Dr. L. Chipao


Phone:  (+265) 999 355 083

The Faculty of Theology, which emphasizes Pentecostal Theology and Practices invites interested candidates, pastors, prophets, etc. from various networks and denominations to apply for any of the listed programs offered in modes of residential, week-end, and evening. Various scholarships are available upon being admitted.


  • BA in Bible and Theology
  • BA in Ministerial Counselling
  • BA in Christian Education
  • BA in Intercultural Studies

Academic Requirements

MSCE or its equivalent, with at least 6 credits including English.
MATURE ENTRY: Diploma from any reputable collage plus 4 credits on M.SC.E with English inclusive