Research and its quest to find solutions to the challenges human beings and the rest of the world face is a hall mark of great universities. Malawi Assemblies of God University (MAGU), which desires to participate in significant Social and humanitarian transformation, views research as its important engagement. With the conclusion of its first academic cycle, MAGU has embarked on the phase of entrenching specific mindsets and practices that include a benchmark of Excellence in its teaching and learning practices, a pursuit of Innovation in its outcomes and an ingrained culture of Research. At MAGU research is viewed as a pathway producing knowledge, innovation, products and services with the capacity to bring change in society; it is positive cumulative changes in various sectors of sector that bring transformation to human existence.

MAGU’s Strategic intentions are categorized in three areas: to have excellence in Education, to have Excellence in Research and Consultancy and to have Excellence in Innovation. As stated, Research is an important pillar for the MAGU’s lifeline as an academic institution and also as a place from which social transformation is harnessed and disseminated.