The Mission of Student Life

Student life works in partnership with Academic Affairs to integrate living, learning, and faith, whereby students learn to live lives of Christian service and leadership throughout the world. Student Life educates the whole student by providing opportunities outside of the classroom that challenges the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, and social development of students. Our core purpose is to instill within our students strong moral character and wisdom-focused learning, manifested through Christ-centered living. As such, we are committed to the following objectives in your preparation for life:

  • Provide and support on-going co-curricular experiences that challenge students to practice critical thinking and Christ-centered leadership.
  • Encourage among students responsible and active participation in community through service-learning experiences, in chapel and worship opportunities, among student clubs/organizations, and within residence hostel communities.
  • Foster efforts throughout the campus community and beyond that embrace integration and commonality among all of God’s people on the one hand, yet encourage the understanding and celebration of cultural and ethnic uniqueness.
  • Promote habits among students that encourage strong physical and mental health in their readiness to learn and in their pursuit of personal excellence.
  • Working from a “student led/staff mentoring” approach, engage students in creating an exciting, fun, and meaningful campus life experience.
  • Strengthen collaborative partnerships with academic affairs, , and other campus departments to support overall student success, culminating in graduation from MAGU.

Chapel Services

MAGU as a Christian university facilitates the spiritual and personal transformation in many ways among which Chapel participation is the major one. Students do not just come to a place for cognitive learning but also the transformation of their social and spiritual being as well. Therefore, Students are encouraged to foster a loving relationship with Christ, maintain a devotional life in the Word of God and through regular times of prayer, manifest the fruit the Holy Spirit, and a life lived committed to the teachings of the Bible.

Chapel Attendance

The university desires that students engage Chapel as a significant experience in their educational and spiritual formation while attending MAGU. “In keeping with the mission of the university, daily Chapel will be held as a part of the curriculum. Regular attendance by undergraduates is required.”

Chapel Attendance Procedures

Chapel meets daily, Monday through Friday, from 08:15am to 09:00am (or whenever the University decides) during all semesters, except on university-approved holidays which are also Malawi Government holidays. Chapel on the first day of classes during the fall semester is the official Opening Assembly for the university.

Attendance Requirements

All Students, both Undergraduate and Graduate, are required to attend Chapel each semester, except when exempt from Chapel with a special authorization either by the Student Affairs Director or by Doctor pronounced sick leave. Students are required to attend at least fifty-five (55) of the seventy+ (70+) Chapel programs scheduled each semester, unless otherwise exempt for one or more days per week for the above mentioned reasons.

Many students choose to attend Chapel five days per week; however a student who accumulates just four Chapel credits per week will easily meet the fifty-five (55) credit requirement each semester.

Attendance Requirement Exemptions

Students are required to apply for exemptions each semester, and exemptions must be processed within the first two weeks of any semester, or within two weeks from the beginning date of any reason given for the exemption (new employment, diagnosed chronic illness, etc.). Students must submit evidence of the reason for the exemption, e.g. letter from new employer on company letterhead, doctor’s note, etc. The process and required forms for exemptions are available in the Chapel Office. Students failing to submit an exemption by the appropriate deadline may fail to earn Chapel credit and be subject to further disciplinary action.

Attendance Registration

The desire of MAGU is to institute a Card Reader for observing attendance in the Chapel. However in the absences of this the Student Affairs Director or his designee should organize a register for Chapel attendance.

Consequences for Failure to Fulfill Chapel Attendance Requirements

Students are responsible for monitoring their own Chapel credits with the Chapel office or by email to or in person. Upon the completion of any semester, students who did not attain sufficient Chapel credits will be placed on Chapel probation and notified by email to their MAGU email account during the week following the last day of finals. Students placed on Chapel probation may contact the Chapel Office with questions. This process is outlined in the email and also on the Chapel web site.

Chapel Attendance Probation

Chapel probation is in effect for the following full semester. During the semester of probation a student will be restricted from participation in certain extracurricular activities, including but not limited to all student productions, intramurals, leadership positions, and/or award nominations. Students who ignore this loss of privilege by participating in extracurricular activities while on Chapel probation will be subject to stricter sanctions up to and including suspension from the university. Graduating seniors who do not earn the required credits during their final semester will be subject to appropriate sanctions.

Chapel Integrity Violations

Students are not permitted to register someone else who to not attend the chapel or in the case of Small Group and breakout Chapels, sign their name and not attend or sign in for someone else who is not there. If found to commit such an offense, the student will be asked to have a mandatory meeting with the Chapel Officer and this may result in being placed on conduct probation. Upon a second occurrence a student will be placed on conduct probation and required to meet with the Disciplinary Committee. Subsequent chapel attendance offenses may result in further sanctions up to and including suspension from the university.

Student Relationships

Students are encouraged to love and respect their fellow students, as well as, faculty members, administration, and staff members.  We encourage students to foster a community of fellowship and service one to another, modeling servant leadership as each one places the needs of others before himself or herself.  Students should bear with one another, listen, appreciate, and build strong bonds of friendship by encouraging each other in their spiritual, professional, and academic lives.

Dormitory Life

Students who stay on campus will be assigned a dorm room for lodging purposes during their time of study each academic term.  Typically, there will be four students for all undergraduate students and two or three students for graduate students sharing a dorm room.  Steps are taken by the administration to provide privacy and security within the dormitory system where possible. Students are encouraged to exercise love, patience, and understanding as they interact with other students in dormitory living.