The Chakwera library system offers students access to over 22, 000 volumes of textbooks, and over 50 periodicals and journals for research purposes. Students are expected to take advantage of their time during each academic term for research purposes with the resources available in the library. The librarian and library staff will serve to assist all post-graduate students in learning the library system, finding resources available, and scheduling daily hours to access the library. Students are expected to carefully adhere to library policies and respect the library staff.

Medical Insurance

Students participating in intramural sports and other university activities do so at their own risk. The university is not liable for accidents incurred during these activities and does not provide insurance covering student medical care or treatment. A student may elect to purchase medical insurance through an outside provider. However, with the Medical fee the student pays, the University will take the student to a government or a private hospital of their choice and will pay the bill up to $50.00 per semester. However, beyond this, it should be the responsibility of the Student.

Computer Lab

The main library is fitted with a computer lab and the Graduate wing is similarly equipped with another. The purpose of the labs is to provide students with access to computers in order to write their course assignments. The computer lab offers printers for students to print out their assignment. A computer lab fee is accessed to any student that utilizes the lab. The computer lab is available for seminary projects only, and not for personal affairs.

Internet Access for Web Browsing and Emails: The computer lab is set up with a few computers able to access the internet during a slotted time period on a daily basis for students needing to access the internet for web research, news, or email. A fee is accessed to each student who uses this system.